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Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities Inc. (ADEC) is a state-wide organisation that strives to empower people with a disability from Non-English speaking backgrounds, their carers, and families to fully participate as members of the Victorian community.


ADEC’s Vision

To empower people with disabilities from ethnic backgrounds, their carers and families to fully participant as members of the Victorian community.

ADEC’s Mission

The Mission states that the way to achieve full citizenship is:

To assist people with disabilities from ethnic backgrounds, their carers and families to access services and ensure that service systems are inclusive and responsive to their needs.


ADEC was established in 1982. 

In 1982 the Commonwealth Schools Commission funded the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) to establish a service for ethnic children with disabilities which maximise their opportunities for gaining access to services.  ADEC grew out of this base, originally under the management of the ECCV’s Committee on Disability and Ethnicity.

ADEC was established with the knowledge that it was the only service of its kind in Victoria and at the time, in Australia. (Although now there are ADEC equivalents in nearly every other capital city in Australia.)

We have celebrated some fabulous milestones since 1982, advancing support for people with disability.

ADEC has a long and proud history of serving the community and fighting for equality for people with disability from ethnic backgrounds.

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What's Happening @ ADEC?

  • ArtAbility® 2017 'Celebrating Identity' Exhibition

    ArtAbility® is an inspiring visual arts program run by ADEC that unites a range of talented artists of all ages, from a variety of cultures who are living with a disability.


  • Happy Mother's Day 2017

    mothers250ADEC's Afghan group facilitated by Shaima, recently had a Mother's Day celebration at Shingle Inn café, Narre Warren.

  • Ageing in Australia Expo 2017

    AngeBrandiJoy250Thank you to everyone who visited our stall and had a chat with us at the Ageing in Australia Expo 2017 which was held at Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday. There was a very large turnout of seniors keen to find out more information about ADEC and the senior related services we provide.