Board (7)

Members of ADEC’s Board of Management serve in a voluntary capacity. This leadership group is composed of individuals who have experience  and knowledge of the not-for-profit sector. They are passionate about volunteering and share a common desire to contribute their expertise to support ADEC.

There are four Office Bearer positions in the board and the rest are Executive Board Members.

Office Bearers

Geoff Rowe


Geoff is a skilful senior manager with many years experience in large, medium and small organisations and in sectors, including IT, community services, health, sports and industry.

He was briefly the Business Manager at ADEC in 2010.  Having served as a councillor, Geoff is an expert in local government.

Geoff specialises in change management, business administration, human resource management, marketing and organisation systems. He led a successful change management programs within a multicultural environment, through empowerment and inclusive practices.

Geoff is a leader and has a strong interest in developing leadership skills in others. He mentors and provides support to new leaders in a number of sports organisations.

He managed the Australian Track and Field team at the Beijing Olympics and uses the skills he gained in this and other roles to foster the next generation.


Joan Cooney

Board Member

Maria Carmusciano

Board Member

Jan Ginis

Deputy Chairperson

Dr Hua Cao

Board Member

Dr Helen Farrell

Secretary/Public Officer

Dr Sophie Holmes