Dr Helen Farrell

Secretary/Public Officer


Dr Helen Farrell has been a proud member of ADEC's Board of Management since October 2009. She has diverse and interesting expertise, experience, knowledge and skill in public, corporate and/or community (not-for-profit/charities) sector organisations. She brings clear and focussed vision and strategic direction; corporate responsibility, communication and relationships; personal leadership; and specialist expertise, experience, knowledge and skill to champion, grow, drive, build and expand capacity in ADEC.

Dr Farrell has had the extraordinary privilege of 25+ years in school/educational settings in primary schooling; the education and training of children and young people with the many classifications of complex developmental and acquired disability and/or impairment; and early childhood development.

Dr Farrell is a Research Fellow in the University of Melbourne that links international, regional and national inter-professional/interdisciplinary collaborations. She is a mentor/management/leadership/training team member in an incorporated not-for-profit association supported by the Victorian Department of Business Innovation/Small Business Victoria/Minister for Small Business. She conducts a consultancy business that provides services in professional learning; consultancy, advisory and outreach; and research, strategic advice and publication to build capacity, lead and support efforts to achieve significant, systematic and sustained change in the education sector and beyond.