How to become a Board Member


If you would like to become an ADEC Board Member to help support our clients we would like to hear from you.

benefits volunteeringAbout ADEC Board Members

Since 2001, the board has taken on a governance role. This is different to a model of management where committee members take on an active role in the day-to-day activities and business of the organisation.

A governance role acknowledges that the role of the board is to:

  • Employ the Executive Director;
  • Develop, monitor and review policies for the organisation;
  • Develop policy positions on public policy matters;
  • Ensure that all accountability and performance measures are met;
  • Set the future direction of the organisation and decide on matters which may impact on its future viability.


Email us or call on 9480 1666 to find out more about becoming a board member.

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