Mental Health Audio Recordings

Resources to  help you find the right help for mental health problems.

Mental Health Audio Recordings in Various Languages

We have audio recordings about Mental Health that are available in different languages.

The recordings can be listened to by clicking on the links below:

Arabic (Side 1)


Arabic (Side 2)

Cambodian (Khymer) (Side 1)



Cambodian (Khymer) (Side 2)

Cantonese (Side 1)



Cantonese (Side 2)


Croatian (Side 1)



Croatian (Side 2)

Greek (Side 1)



Greek (Side 2)

Italian (Side 1)



 Italian (Side 2)

 Macedonian (Side 1)



 Macedonian (Side 2)

 Mandarin (Side 1)



 Mandarin (Side 2)

 Polish (Side 1)



 Polish (Side 2)

 Spanish (Side 1)



 Spanish (Side 2)

Turkish (Side 1)


Turkish (Side 2)


For more information see our Mental Health Resources page, including fact sheets and important links.