My Aged Care Referral Process

Register with My Age Care by calling 1800 200 422

To access any government-funded Aged Care Services, you must be registered with My Aged Care. If you need help with this call ADEC on 9480 7000 and ask to speak to our aged care team.

Assessment by My Aged Care Team for a Home Care Package

Within one month of being registered you will be contacted by My Aged Care Team member to discuss your needs for supports at home. The assessment can be done over the phone or at your home. You can have family or friends attend the Assessment.

Receive the outcome of your assessment

You will receive a letter from My Aged Care. Based on your needs you are assigned a Home Care Package Level 1, 2, 3 or 4.
There is a 6 - 12 months wait to receive your Package.

Assignment of a Home Care Package and ‘Referral Code’

My Aged Care will send another letter that states “You’ve been assigned a home care package” on page 2 of this letter is a referral code.
Please provide this referral code to your Service Provider.

ADEC is a Service Provider

Phone ADEC on 0491 147 924 to get started.

ADEC will assign you a Care Manager

Your Care manager will manage you package and will set up your services, which may include; cleaning, gardening, meals, personal care, house maintenance, nursing, physio, podiatry, occupational therapy, dietician, medication support, taxi services.