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Welcome to ADEC

Registered Disability and Aged Care Service Provider for Diverse Communities

A not-for-profit specialising in supporting people from diverse backgrounds

Empowering people living with a disability, the aging population, their families and carers. Advocating to empower people from diverse backgrounds, championing the cause of equality, and nurturing community cohesion.

At ADEC, we uphold the values of empathy, diversity, integrity, loyalty, equality and respect in all that we do.

ADEC supports people with disabilities throughout their NDIS journey. We offer Disability Support, Plan Management and can help you with Appeals and Reviews. Click here to find more!
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ADEC can help you manage your CHSP or Home Care package and ensure you receive the most professional support services at the best price. We specialise in helping seniors from CALD communities.
Empowering CALD communities through Capacity Building Projects, Advocacy and language specific Social Support Groups.
You can access our services via phone, email, or in person. Referrals are also accepted from service providers, the NDIS, MAC or carers.
ArtAbility® is a visual arts program that promotes the work of talented artists who live with a disability and come from culturally diverse backgrounds in Victoria. Click here to find out more!
ADEC’s Social Support Group activities schedule, exhibitions, events and all about what activities we have coming up for you and all your family members. Click here to find out more!
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Registered NDIS Provider for People from Diverse Communities

Welcome to ADEC, your trusted registered NDIS provider. All our services are geared towards serving diverse communities across Melbourne. As an NDIS specialist, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. Our services extend beyond the ordinary, ensuring you have access to the highest quality disability support. Discover the benefits of choosing ADEC as your NDIS services provider, as we help you manage your budget, navigate services, and prioritise your well-being. At ADEC, your safety and well-being are our top priorities, backed by National Disability Insurance Scheme safeguards. Accessing NDIS disability support in Melbourne has never been easier.

Plan Managers

At ADEC, we understand that navigating the NDIS can be complex, which is why our team of experienced Plan Managers is here to assist you every step of the way. As registered NDIS providers, we specialise in providing NDIS Plan Management services and are well-versed in the intricacies of the system. We can help you effectively manage your NDIS budget, ensuring that you make the most of your available funding. Our dedicated Plan Manager work closely with you to identify your specific needs, goals, and preferences, ensuring that you receive the right services from the right service provider. With ADEC by your side, you can rest assured that your NDIS journey will be as smooth and tailored as possible, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – achieving your aspirations and enhancing your quality of life.

NDIS Registered Provider with Years of Experience

ADEC has a rich history of serving communities statewide since 1982, specialising in providing dedicated care for diverse cultural backgrounds and the elderly. We understand the unique needs of these groups and are committed to ensuring they receive the support they require. We speak your language and can arrange for interpreters at no additional cost. Our caregivers are not only skilled but also deeply dedicated to delivering high-quality care to the elderly and various ethnic communities.

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Our professional team is dedicated to the development of daily living and life skills for individuals with a registered NDIS plan. We understand the importance of achieving personal goals and enhancing independence, particularly for those living with a permanent and significant disability. Our comprehensive NDIS support services encompass a wide range of assistance, including community nursing care, personal care, meal preparation, and exercise physiology. We work collaboratively with our diverse community, offering innovative community participation programs that empower individuals to engage in community activities, improve daily personal activities, and achieve their unique goals.

What our participants say about us

The experiences of our participants shed light on their satisfaction with ADEC's services. They have consistently praised our dedicated approach, highlighting the care, support, and professionalism they've received. These testimonials reflect our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations and making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. We value the trust our clients place in us and continually strive to provide top-quality care and support.

Aged care services in Melbourne

If you’re over 65 and finding it challenging to carry out everyday tasks like going to appointments, cleaning, or gardening, you can receive government-funded assistance whilst still maintaining your independence. My Aged Care is the starting point for accessing Australian Government-funded aged care services, including two types of funding: short-term funding for low care services (Commonwealth Home Support Program – CHSP) and long-term funding for those with more complex care needs (Home Care Packages – HCP). ADEC can support you through your My Aged Care journey and help you manage your funding to obtain the best services at the lowest cost.

Our Services

ADEC’s Aged Care services provide assistance to help you live independently in your own home for as long as possible. Our team offers several services, including Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Program, and Specialist Support Services.

What types of services are covered under My Aged Care?

  • Services for getting out and staying social: My Aged Care provides assistance for seniors to maintain an active social life. This can include social support groups, activities, and outings to help seniors connect with their community and peers.
  • Services for getting some temporary help: Temporary help services are available for seniors who require short-term assistance. This may include respite care or home care for a limited duration to provide support to caregivers or individuals recovering from an injury or illness.
  • Services for keeping me well: My Aged Care offers services aimed at promoting the well-being of older adults. This encompasses health assessments, wellness programs, and access to healthcare professionals to ensure seniors remain healthy and fit.

Services for keeping my home liveable: Maintaining a liveable home environment is crucial for seniors. My Aged Care provides services that help seniors with home modifications, cleaning, and other support to ensure their living spaces are comfortable and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s groundbreaking national initiative designed to support people with disabilities. It provides direct funding to eligible individuals, enabling them to enjoy more quality time with family and friends, increased independence, access to new skills, job opportunities, community involvement, and an overall enhanced quality of life. The NDIS also facilitates connections to essential community services, including healthcare providers, community groups, sports clubs, support groups, libraries, and educational institutions. Additionally, it offers comprehensive information about the support available from each state and territory government. The NDIS has positively impacted the lives of over 500,000 Australians, including approximately 80,000 children with developmental delays, ensuring early interventions for better lifelong outcomes.

You have the freedom to transition from one NDIS provider to another, provided you adhere to any applicable termination periods or cancellation fees associated with your current provider's services.

Our organisation strictly adheres to the NDIS Safeguards, which are in place to protect participants from harm, abuse, neglect, or exploitation. These safeguards are integral to upholding your right to safety and receiving quality services from NDIS providers and workers. The Australian Consumer Law also ensures your right to be treated fairly and receive accurate information when purchasing goods and services. This law entitles you to cancel faulty services and seek repairs, replacements, or refunds when necessary.

To access NDIS support, follow these steps:

If you require assistance with the application process, please reach out to your local area coordinator, early childhood partner, or NDIA office.