Disability Advocacy Support Program

Advocacy Support

ADEC’s advocacy program assists people living with a disability, their carers and family members to understand their rights, access information and services, and to speak up for what is needed to improve their situation.

ADEC specialises in helping people from diverse cultural backgrounds who are living with a disability.

Our advocates will help you work out what the issue is, what you want to happen and prepare an advocacy plan. The plan may involve us attending meetings with you and helping you present your view.

Advocacy Support Services

If you're seeking personalised assistance to navigate challenges related to education, housing, transportation, guardianship, or financial management orders, our dedicated team at ADEC is here for you. Our commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities extends to our specialised Individual Advocacy Services. We recognise the unique needs and challenges of each person, providing tailored, one-on-one assistance. Whether you're facing NDIS transitions or seeking support within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), our advocates are ready to guide you. At ADEC, we understand the importance of personal support, ensuring your rights are upheld, and your voice is heard. Take the initiative to request disability advocacy support today, and let ADEC be your partner on the journey to positive change. 

ADEC provides:

Individual Advocacy Support
Short-term one-on-one assistance to help you solve an issue.

Family Advocacy Support
Short-term one-on-one assistance for carers and families to solve an issue.

Self-Advocacy Support
Training and information sessions to communities about how to advocate for yourself or your loved ones.

Systemic Advocacy Support
Focuses on making a more inclusive community through legislation, policies and practices for people living with a disability.

ADEC is committed to increasing awareness of abuse and preventing abuse in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. We understand the barriers that people with disabilities from CALD communities face while accessing services. We have supported many clients from culturally diverse backgrounds to ask for help from relevant services.

What can our advocates assist with?

  • Advocating and working with clients to resolve their issues with schools, housing, transport, guardianship, NDIS Transition or financial management orders, or Centrelink issues like applying for Disability Support Payment (DSP) or Carers Payment.
  • Assisting you to make formal complaints to service providers around disability discrimination
  • Linking to services that will be able to provide ongoing assistance
  • Build the community and individual capacity to advocate for themselves by providing information sessions to community service providers.

This service is free.

Interpreters can be arranged free of charge.

For further information about this service please contact ADEC on 03 9480 7000 (ext 3) and ask to speak with the advocacy intake team. If you need to make a referral, fill in the form below or email: intake@adec.org.au

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, ADEC goes beyond advocacy to help participants establish connections with a range of government services. Whether it involves navigating disability support services, transport services, or other governmental support, our team is committed to understanding your unique circumstances. The extent of assistance is tailored to your specific case and the services required.

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