Advocacy Support

ADEC’s advocacy program assists people to understand their rights, access information and services, and to speak up for what is needed to improve their situation.

ADEC specialises in helping people from diverse cultural backgrounds who are living with a disability.

Our Advocacy support staff will help you work out what the issue is, what you want to happen and prepare an advocacy plan.  The plan may involve us attending meetings with you and helping you present your view.

ADEC provides:

Individual Advocacy 
Short-term one-on-one assistance to help you solve an issue.

Family Advocacy
Short-term one-on-one assistance for carers and families to solve an issue.

Training and information sessions to communities about how to advocate for yourself or your loved ones.

Our Advocacy support staff can assist with:

  • Advocating for you or providing advice around issues with schools, housing, transport, guardianship, NDIS Transition or financial management orders, or Centrelink issues like applying for DSP or Carers Payment.
  • Assisting you to make formal complaints to service providers around disability discrimination
  • Linking to services that will be able to provide ongoing assistance
  • Build the community and individual capacity to advocate for themselves by providing information session to community services providers.

This service is free.

Interpreters can be arranged free of charge.

For further information about this service please contact ADEC on 03 9480 7000 and ask to speak with the Advocacy Team Leader, fill the form below or email

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