Flexible Services Response – For People Under 65 Years Old


ADEC’s Flexible Service Response provides support to people (and their carers) who are having difficulty performing their daily tasks.  The service is targeted at people who:

  • are under 65 years of age; or
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who are under 50 years of age

The service aims to improve and maintain independence and capacity to live safely at home and participate in community activities.

The service also provides support to carers by strengthening their capacity to maintain their care role.

ADEC’s focus is a person-centred care approach to ensure the activities provided meet individual needs.

ADEC will support eligible people by:

  • Organising activities to explore and understand individual and group needs
  • Providing information to help understand the support services available
  • Linking into appropriate support services
  • Helping to apply and access available services

ADEC specialises in supporting all people who:

  • Have diverse needs or circumstances
  • Are from culturally and linguistic diverse backgrounds

This service is free.

Interpreters can be arranged free of charge.

For further information about this service please contact contact Eliana Aguiar,
on 0491 065 571, email: eliana@adec.org.au or fill in the form below.

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