What is the NDIS?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme, is the largest disability reform Australia has had in its history and is perceived today as the first Australian National System for people with disabilities. Legislated since 2013 by the Federal Government, this project aims to be fully operational by 2020. This plan is designed for all people living with a permanent or significant disability, under 65 years old.

The scheme is entirely publicly funded.

What is the NDIA?
The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency, which seeks to implement the NDIS throughout Australia in order to improve the quality of life of all citizens living with a significant or permanent disability, their families and their carers.

How NDIS is working?
NDIS has different steps in the process that allow a coherent development for each person according with their needs. After understanding what the NDIS is, make sure you review the eligibility checklist and receive the "access letter". The next step is create your NDIS plan, use it and, at the expiration time, renew it if required.

Am I eligible?
Be sure to answer the following questions when verifying your eligibility:
1. Are you aged between 7 and 65?
2. Do you live in Australia and have Australian residency?
3. Do you usually need support from a person because of a permanent and significant disability?
4. Do you use special equipment because of a permanent and significant disability?
5. Do you need some supports now to reduce your future needs?

* Please visit our section. Am I eligible? For more information about your eligibility http://staging6.dolphin-it.com/am-i-eligible-for-ndis/

How can I use my NDIS plan?
The best way to start your NDIS plan is:
1. Know your plan
2. Understand the content of your plan:
• Your supports and how your supports are going to be paid
• Your budget (The one assigned by the NDIA)
* Remember: you can choose how you will spend that budget
3. Activate My Place (This will help you start designing your plan)
* If you are not sure how to fill out or activate the user, you can ask for help from someone you trust.
4. To design your plan, you can also ask the area coordinators or their support coordinator for help.
5. You can reach them via telephone or in a personalized meeting.
6. If you need interpretation service and in ADEC there is no official who speaks your language, you can call 131 450.
* Remember: this is a free service

What is the price guide?
The NDIA sets price limits for some supports to ensure they provide value for money for participants.

Changes in prices are based on market trends and changes in the costs of services or products. This update is made annually based on the previous year and the modifications are effective as of July 1 of each year.

This guide helps the participant understand the market trends, so they will be more aware of the prices that probably will be charged and consider them, in terms of the budget, when they start to make their plan.

For more information about the price guide, please visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/price-guides-and-pricing


Disability Support Fee Schedule 2023 - 2024

Disability Support Fee Schedule 2023 - 2024


What is NDIS Transition Support?
This program aims to guide people and assist people to access the NDIS.

The aim of ADEC’s NDIS Transition Support Service is to assist people with disabilities, their carers and family members from culturally linguistically diverse communities in Metropolitan and Regional Victoria to transition to the NDIS.

Can I change my NDIS provider if I am not satisfied with my current provider?
Yes. If you are not satisfied with your service provider, you have the right to change to another company at the time you deem it necessary.

How ADEC can help me?
ADEC is a State-wide organisation that supports people with disability or who are frail, their carers and family members from ethnic backgrounds to access the supports they need.

ADEC can provide you:

- Disability Support

Personal Care: ADEC engages support workers who respectfully provide a range of personal hygiene care and support.

Community Access: ADEC supports our clients to access their community for recreational, educational and vocational purposes.

Domestic Support: ADEC provides a range of in-home domestic support including household chores and cleaning, grocery shopping and assisted exercise.

- Plan Management (This is a free service)

  • Contacting your service providers
  • Creating service bookings
  • Claiming funds from the NDIS to pay your service providers
  • Checking invoices and paying them for you, and
  • Providing updates on your budget

- NDIS Reviews and Appeals (This is a free service)
If you are unhappy with an NDIS decision, we can:

  • Provide information about your rights to seek a review
  • Help you to apply for a review (appeal) with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Guide you through the review process
  • Guide you through the appeals process with the AAT
  • Help you to appeal on your own

Is ADEC able to provide me a NDIS service in other language?
Yes. ADEC has staff from other nationalities who are able to provide the service in other languages according to your needs.
In the event that ADEC does not have someone who can speak your language, remember that you can access the interpretation service. This service is free.

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