August 2023 - About Aged Care Services

Navigating the aged care landscape can be quite challenging. In our latest blog article, we reach out to anyone and everyone in our community who may feel confused or apprehensive about in-home aged care.

ADEC’s Home Care Packages are helping people stay in their homes with a range of personalised aged care services and support. Understanding and navigating the challenges of aged care can be overwhelming. You might feel unseen and unheard as you try to seek the support you need to stay in your home as you age.   

ADEC's Aged Care service is here to change that. Our easy-to-understand Home Care Packages are a reliable one-stop shop for all the personalised in-home aged care and support you need, when you need it. 

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September 2023 - Effie's story - Meet ADEC's Disability Ambassador

Effie Meehan’s joy for life is obvious from the moment you meet her. Today, she’s an ADEC Disability Ambassador, the proud mother of two, and a delighted grandmother of four. Effie was inducted into the lifetime achievement honour roll in the Victorian Disability Awards in 2022 in recognition of her significant contribution and outstanding commitment to the rights, participation and inclusion of Victorians with disability.

But Effie’s journey hasn’t been easy. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, and moved to Australia from Greece with her family. She found herself living in a different culture, and unable to speak English. Then she met and fell in love with an Irish man who also lived with a disability. 

“We were married in 1971, so things were very different then,” Effie says. “There was no support for people living with disability in those days, and our mothers were not supportive of the marriage at first, so it was very hard.”

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