April 2024 - Navigating NDIS Plan Managers: A Guide to Choosing the Best Fit for Your Needs

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Managing your own NDIS plan can be a challenge. You have to navigate a complex landscape of NDIS service providers, carefully manage your budget, make sure you’re paying service providers on time, and keep accurate financial records in case you’re audited.

At the same time, you need to understand complicated NDIS policies and procedures to make sure you stay compliant, and create a personalised care plan that fulfils all your needs.

Thankfully, ADEC takes much of the stress out of managing your NDIS plan with our comprehensive NDIS plan management services.

We provide expert NDIS plan management in Melbourne, and our team of dedicated NDIS plan managers can relieve the admin burden on you and provide the guidance you need to get the most out of your NDIS budget.

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March 2024 - Home Care Packages Explained: Everything you need to know

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Imagine aged care that listens to you. That’s precisely what ADEC’s Home Care Packages offer.

We’ll work hard to understand your personal needs, language preferences, cultural background, and the dynamics of your living and family environment so we can  deliver in-home aged care support services that are personalised to your needs.

That’s why our Home Care Packages are more than just a service. They are a commitment to enriching your life, preserving your independence, and providing you with a personalised support system that evolves with your unique needs.

We also want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand if you’re eligible for a Home Care Package, how government funding works, what in-home aged care services you can get with ADEC, and how to sign up for a Home Care Package.

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February 2024 - Alf's Story: The Rocky Road to Success

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For 76-year-old Egyptian-born Alf, success hasn’t come easy. He overcame several setbacks to build his own successful transport company. Now retired, Alf and his wife Anne Marie are facing some health challenges. But they’ve found the critical support they need with ADEC.

Alf’s transport company went from strength to strength, and he eventually decided to retire from the flourishing business. A devoted family man, Alf joined his wife in taking care of their six-month-old grandson. They lovingly cared for him for almost a decade, before experiencing some health issues of their own.

“Samantha is our Aged Care Case Manager, and her empathy, support and assistance is beyond what we ever expected,” Alf says. “If we need assistance, we know it’s there. I would recommend ADEC without a doubt.” 

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January 2024 - NDIS Made Simple: Stress-free NDIS Plan Management with ADEC

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to provide critical support and funding for people living with disabilities. But managing your NDIS funding comes with several challenges.

You may also need to coordinate services from different NDIS providers, and ensure they work together effectively. Dealing with the NDIS online portal can be another headache if you’re not exactly tech savvy.

Here’s the good news: ADEC can help solve these problems for you. Our NDIS Plan Management Services take the burden off you, simplify your NDIS journey, and empower you to make the best decisions for your support needs.

And best of all, our Plan Management Services are built into your NDIS Plan at no cost to you.

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December 2023 - Holiday Tips

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Update ADEC's festive season contact information.

The Christmas and New Year season, a time of joy, celebration and togetherness is upon us, and while it is a happy time to be celebrated with family and friends, for people with disability, elders and their carers, the holiday season may bring some challenges.

Tips for fully enjoying the holiday season for individuals with Disabilities, Seniors and Carers and answers for  frequently asked questions about planning holidays for NDIS participants.

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December 2023 - Zena's Story - Finding great support with ADEC

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Zena has a full and happy life. ADEC disability support workers visit her at home twice a day. She also attends Carlton North Learning Centre twice a week, travels to physio sessions by taxi, and enjoys family trips to church every Sunday.

Zena needs help going to the bathroom, showering, grooming, and getting into bed. Moses explains that her ADEC support workers also help Zena with light exercise and gentle massages and provide valuable companionship.

Zena particularly likes it when her support workers play music for her while she showers. “I feel good,” she says. “They talk nicely to me and make me happy. My life would be much harder without them.”

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November 2023 - Shaima's Story - Celebrating 20 years of dedication

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Shaima Shabaz is one of ADEC’s most beloved Social Support Group Facilitators. After 20 years of incredible service, she has retired from her role. While Shaima was sad to leave the colleagues and clients she loves, she says she feels lucky to have found a home at ADEC.

“I love all my colleagues and clients so much. They have become a second family to me,” she says. “I have had no bad days at ADEC. Every day has been a good day. I was always excited to go into the office.”

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October 2023 - Chi Lam's story - ADEC's Social Support Groups client for over 26 years

Chi Le 1. Social Support Group Client

When Chi Lam arrived in Australia from Vietnam, she cried every day. She came in search of a better life for her autistic son, but support was very difficult to find. A new culture and communication barriers also created feelings of social isolation. 

“I was homesick and depressed,” she says. “I found it difficult to understand the Australian accent, we didn’t have money, and we had no friends here to help us. We also had no transport, and the cultural differences made it difficult to find a job.”

That was 26 years ago. But Chi’s life began to change when she was introduced to ADEC by another parent at her son’s school. 

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September 2023 - Effie's story - Meet ADEC's Disability Ambassador

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Effie Meehan’s joy for life is obvious from the moment you meet her. Today, she’s an ADEC Disability Ambassador, the proud mother of two, and a delighted grandmother of four. Effie was inducted into the lifetime achievement honour roll in the Victorian Disability Awards in 2022 in recognition of her significant contribution and outstanding commitment to the rights, participation and inclusion of Victorians with disability.

But Effie’s journey hasn’t been easy. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, and moved to Australia from Greece with her family. She found herself living in a different culture, and unable to speak English. Then she met and fell in love with an Irish man who also lived with a disability. 

“We were married in 1971, so things were very different then,” Effie says. “There was no support for people living with disability in those days, and our mothers were not supportive of the marriage at first, so it was very hard.”

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August 2023 - About Aged Care Services

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Navigating the aged care landscape can be quite challenging. In our latest blog article, we reach out to anyone and everyone in our community who may feel confused or apprehensive about in-home aged care.

ADEC’s Home Care Packages are helping people stay in their homes with a range of personalised aged care services and support. Understanding and navigating the challenges of aged care can be overwhelming. You might feel unseen and unheard as you try to seek the support you need to stay in your home as you age.   

ADEC's Aged Care service is here to change that. Our easy-to-understand Home Care Packages are a reliable one-stop shop for all the personalised in-home aged care and support you need, when you need it. 

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