Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management provided by ADEC helps you to manage your NDIS funds. We will claim on behalf of your providers from the NDIS Portal and pay their invoice within 10 working days of receiving it. Plan Management means you will have the flexibility to choose your service providers, whether they are NDIS registered or not.
You decide how to use your funds, we manage the paperwork. Plan Management is inbuilt into your NDIS Plan at no extra cost to you.

Customer Feedback




"Michael is the most professional and courteous representatives from any NDIS Service partner. Michael goes above and beyond and should ADEC ever need a representative that exhibits the pride and values of ADEC, then that is Michael. I deal with so many rude people through the NDIS Service sector. Michael is the opposite. He is a valuable asset Darren and Alyssa are also just as wonderful people. You have a fabulous Team You should be very very proud" "Just wanted to thank Megan for helping Adua. In all she does. She is a great plan manager. You have been very professional and amazing communication.Thanks for all you do for me. Your always happy to assist me when you can" “Michael is a wonderful person to have on your Team. He is always professional and often goes above and beyond. He is a truly wonderful asset.”


NDIS Disability Support Fee Schedule 2022-2023

NDIS_Disability Support_Fee Schedule 2022-2023

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