NDIS Plan Management Services

NDIS Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Plan Management provided by ADEC helps you to manage your NDIS funds. We will claim on behalf of your providers from the NDIS Portal and pay their invoice within 3-5 working days of receiving it. Plan Management means you will have the flexibility to choose your service providers, whether they are NDIS registered or not.
You decide how to use your funds, we manage the paperwork. Plan Management is inbuilt into your NDIS Plan at no extra cost to you.

Customer Feedback

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"Michael is the most professional and courteous representatives from any NDIS Service partner. Michael goes above and beyond and should ADEC ever need a representative that exhibits the pride and values of ADEC, then that is Michael. I deal with so many rude people through the NDIS Service sector. Michael is the opposite. He is a valuable asset Darren and Alyssa are also just as wonderful people. You have a fabulous Team You should be very very proud" "Just wanted to thank Megan for helping Adua. In all she does. She is a great plan manager. You have been very professional and amazing communication.Thanks for all you do for me. Your always happy to assist me when you can" “Michael is a wonderful person to have on your Team. He is always professional and often goes above and beyond. He is a truly wonderful asset.”


Disability Support Fee Schedule 2023-2024

Disability Support Fee Schedule 2023-2024

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    NDIS Plan Management Services

    NDIS Plan Management

    NDIS Plan Management plays a pivotal role in efficiently utilising your funding. This service involves partnering with Plan Managers who will assist in managing your NDIS Plan. By working with a Plan Manager, you can make the most of your NDIS funds, ensuring that they are used optimally to help you achieve your goals.

    For the benefits of NDIS Plan Management, participants can experience advantages such as gaining control over their funding, accessing a wider range of services, and enjoying a smoother, more effective NDIS experience. Partnering with a Plan Manager can significantly enhance the NDIS journey. It provides participants with the expertise and support they need to make the most of their NDIS Plan.

    NDIS Funding

    Understanding NDIS Funding is essential for an NDIS participant. Funding is the financial support provided to participants to help them achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. It covers a range of supports and services tailored to individual needs.

    To maximise your NDIS funding, effective plan management is key. By managing your NDIS Plan efficiently, you can ensure that your goals are well-supported within your budget. This involves careful planning and strategic decision-making to make the most of the financial resources available to you.

    Why choose ADEC's NDIS Plan Management?

    ADEC's Plan Management team stand out due to our expertise and commitment to participant success. With a dedicated team that understands the intricacies of NDIS plan management, we offer participants a trusted and experienced partner in their NDIS journey.

    Client success stories illustrate the positive impact ADEC's Plan Management Services have had on NDIS participants. These firsthand accounts highlight the tangible difference that our expertise can make in navigating the NDIS landscape and achieving individual goals.

    Managing your NDIS Budget

    Effective NDIS Budget Management is crucial for ensuring that participants get the most out of their NDIS plan. This process involves strategic budget allocation to meet specific needs and goals while staying within the allocated NDIS funds.

    Budget oversight and reporting provide an NDIS participant with transparency and control over their NDIS budget. Through detailed reports, ADEC's Plan Management Services ensure that participants have a clear understanding of their budget and can make informed decisions about their NDIS Plan.

    Finding an Efficient NDIS Plan Manager?

    Selecting an efficient NDIS Plan Manager is a critical decision for participants. Key criteria to consider include experience, expertise, and personalised support. Choosing the right NDIS plan management provider can significantly impact the NDIS experience.

    ADEC is an efficient NDIS Plan Management provider. Our commitment to excellence, personalised support, and dedication to participant success sets us apart in the NDIS landscape. Participants can rely on ADEC to navigate the complexities of NDIS plan management effectively.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NDIS plan management involves partnering with a provider to effectively oversee the funding within your NDIS Plan. These dedicated providers, referred to as Plan Managers, play a pivotal role in ensuring your plan's funds are used optimally. It's important to note that plan management is distinct from having the NDIA directly manage the funding in your NDIS plan or choosing to self-manage your plan.

    Our NDIS Plan Managers offer a range of benefits to empower you in managing your NDIS plan effectively. With our services, you can:

    • Enhance your financial and plan management skills: Our plan managers will provide you with valuable insights and resources to boost your financial literacy and better understand your NDIS plan, ensuring you make informed decisions for your future.
    • Facilitate hassle-free payments to service providers: Our seamless payment process simplifies the often complex task of paying service providers, ensuring they receive timely and accurate payments, and allowing you to focus on your goals.
    • Access NDIS plan budget reports and gain greater control over your budget: With our detailed financial reporting, you'll have a clear overview of your NDIS plan's funding health, enabling you to make strategic decisions to achieve your goals more effectively.

    To access NDIS plan management services, simply express your interest during your planning meeting with NDIS staff. They will allocate funding within your plan to cover the cost of your plan manager, which is separate from your budget for other services and supports. If you're already in the middle of your plan and wish to make changes, please contact the NDIS at 1800 800 110 to discuss how to incorporate plan management into your existing plan.

    You can connect with a plan manager through various channels, including:

    • Reaching out to your Local Area Coordinator, early childhood partner, or support coordinator
    • Utilising the Provider Finder tool available on the NDIS my place participant portal
    • Seeking recommendations from your friends and family
    • Exploring additional online resources and websites for plan manager listings