My Aged Care (MAC) Access Process

How to access MAC

Navigating the MAC referral process is a crucial step towards accessing government-funded aged care services, and at ADEC, we are dedicated to ensuring that this journey is as seamless and stress-free as possible. With years of experience and expertise in aged care support, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive guidance and support to individuals and families seeking assistance.

Welcome to ADEC's comprehensive guide to the MAC referral process. As you embark on this journey, we want you to know that you're not alone. Our team is here to walk you through each step, providing the information, assistance, and support you need to navigate the complexities of MAC services with confidence and peace of mind.

As you navigate the My Aged Care referral process, you may encounter questions or concerns, and that's completely normal. Our team is here to provide guidance and assistance whenever you need it, whether you're seeking clarification on eligibility criteria, assistance with completing referral forms, or simply reassurance and encouragement.

At ADEC, we understand that every individual's needs are unique, and that's why we take a personalised approach to aged care support. From the moment you reach out to us, you can expect compassionate, respectful, and individualised care that prioritises your comfort, dignity, and wellbeing.

Step-by-Step Guide to MAC Referral Process:

Step 1:

  • Register with My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422
  • To access any government-funded Aged Care Services, registration with My Aged Care is mandatory. For assistance, call ADEC at (03)9480 7000 and request to speak to our Aged Care Team.

Step 2:

  • Assessment by My Aged Care Team for a Home Care Package.
  • Within one month of registration, a My Aged Care Team member will contact you to discuss your home support needs. The assessment can be conducted over the phone or at your home, with the option for family or friends to attend.

Step 3:

  • Receive the outcome of your assessment.
  • You will receive a letter from My Aged Care assigning you a Home Care Package Level 1, 2, 3, or 4. Please note that there is a 6-12 month waiting period to receive your Package.

Step 4:

  • Assignment of a Home Care Package and “Referral Code”
  • My Aged Care will send another letter confirming your assignment to a Home Care Package. On page 2 of this letter, you will find a referral code. Kindly provide this code to your Service Provider.

Step 5:

  •  ADEC is a Service Provider
  • To get started with ADEC, call us at (03) 9480 7000

Step 6:

  • ADEC will assign you a Care Manager
  • Your Care Manager will oversee your package and set up your services, which may include cleaning, gardening, meals, personal care, house maintenance, nursing, physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, dietitian services, medication support, and taxi services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MAC referral process is designed to facilitate access to government-funded MAC services for older Australians. Health and aged care professionals play a vital role in referring a patient to My Aged Care for their initial aged care assessment. This assessment determines their eligibility for various MAC services provided by the government.

If you believe a patient needs MAC services, you can refer a patient to My Aged Care for assessment. This initial assessment is crucial for determining the appropriate level of care and support required.

In some cases, individuals may require urgent services to address immediate needs. Health professionals can play a key role to organise urgent services for patients, ensuring they receive timely assistance and support.

Once the assessment is complete, individuals will receive an aged care welcome pack, providing them with essential information about the services available to them. Ultimately, the MAC referral process aims to provide tailored services for a patient, addressing their specific needs and enhancing their quality of life as they age. If you have any questions or require further assistance, do not hesitate to call My Aged Care.

Health and aged care professionals, including hospital professionals and administrative staff, GPs, medical specialists, nurses, community health professionals, aged care service providers, and community workers, can make referrals to My Aged Care. GPs can utilise the GP e-Referral system for streamlined referrals directly from their practice management systems.

No, only health and aged care professionals can make referrals to My Aged Care. Informal supports can use the Assessment tool on the my aged care website to apply for an assessment on behalf of someone:

The processing time for a referral to MAC typically ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. After submitting the referral, an assessor will contact the patient or client to organise an aged care assessment within this timeframe.

Yes, you can track the progress of your referral by calling the My Aged Care Contact Centre and providing the confirmation number received upon submission of the referral. The Contact Centre can provide information on whether the referral has been transferred to an assessment organisation and the status of the assessment process.

No, there are no costs associated with the MAC referral process. It is a government-funded program aimed at providing MAC services to eligible individuals based on their assessed needs.

There are no specific eligibility criteria for making a referral to My Aged Care. However, referrals should be made for individuals who may require aged care support to remain living independently at home, need short-term care such as respite care, or are ready to move into an aged care home. It's important to note that aged care services are not a substitute for early intervention, rehabilitation, or sub-acute programs provided under the health system.