About NDIS

ADEC's NDIS Department can help you to live a happy and healthy life through various services including: disability support offering personal care, getting out and about and home support like cleaning and shopping. Our plan management team can help you manage your NDIS funds and if you are not entirely happy with an NDIS decision, ADEC’s NDIS appeals and reviews department can help you have your NDIS plan reviewed.

The NDIS team at ADEC work closely with clients to understand their personal needs, language requirements, cultural backgrounds and living environment.

We provide care, services and staff that are flexible and adapt to your changing individual needs and circumstances and allow you to make empowered independent decisions and achieve your goals. Most of ADEC’s services are free of charge to clients, but your program manager will tell you in advance if any costs or fees apply.

ADEC provides the following NDIS services:

Disability Support

Personal hygiene care and support, accessing the community and getting out and about for fun, study and work, and home support such as cleaning, shopping, and assisted exercise.

Plan Management

Plan Management means you will have the flexibility to choose your service providers, whether they are NDIS registered or not. ADEC will help you manage your funds - you decide how to use your funds and we do all the paperwork.

NDIS Appeals and Reviews

ADEC NDIS Appeals is a service that helps people with a disability (or people affected by an NDIA decision) who are not happy with their NDIS plan or access decision. ADEC will assign you an Appeals Officer who will help you approach the NDIA to submit your review request.

 More information

The NDIS department has created a range of language specific videos on a variety of topics such as: Plan Management, Disability Support, and the NDIS review process.

To access our informative NDIS videos in different languages please click here

Or to read our frequently asked questions in English please click here

For pricing for our disability support services please click on the following link:

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