My Aged Care Services

Do you need help around the house? My Aged Care can help by giving you access to government-funded home care services.

There are two programs available:

1. Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)
CHSP helps people over 65 years’ access entry-level support services to live independently and safely at home. CHSP is short-term funding for low care services, often available while you are on the waitlist to be assigned a Home Care Package.

With CHSP:

  • You can choose from a set menu of home care services – there isn’t much flexibility
  • Only pay a contribution for the services you use
  • Can dip in and out of the program as you need services
  • Have your eligibility assessed by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS)


2. Home Care Packages (HCP)
The HCP program is designed for those with more complex care needs. The program aims to provide a coordinated and tailored service to help people over 65 years to continue living independently and happily at home.
There are four levels of Home Care Packages, each level providing a different subsidy amount dependent on the level of your care needs.

Once you receive your HCP you choose a Service Provider to manage the package on your behalf. ADEC is a Service Provider. You can contact ADEC on 0491 147 924 as your service provider ADEC will allocate you a care manager who will work with you to organise the care and services you need within the funds allocated to you in your HCP.

With HCP:

  • You get your own funds to spend and you can decide which services to spend the funds on (you are not restricted to a set menu of services)
  • A Care Manager helps you understand the system and works with you to create a Care Plan that suits your individual needs and preferences
  • Once you have a package, it stays with you long term
  • Your eligibility is assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)
Home Care Packages Fee Schedule

HCP Fee Schedule 2022-2023