Safeguarding from Abuse Project (2017, 2019)

Our ‘Say “NO” to Abuse’ project aims to safeguard people with disabilities against abuse. Resources have been created to ensure this very important message gets out into our community and becomes a much talked about issue at the forefront.

We have flyers and booklets available in many community languages, 10 languages and counting. These resources cover the basic types of abuse and what people can do if they find themselves a victim of abuse.  We have also created a range of environmentally friendly pens and keep cups which will help to spark discussion and conversation on this important issue in our wider community and to build greater awareness.

To encourage wellbeing and connectedness we have created an online web series called ‘Staying Connected’ where people can learn new information, skills, insights and techniques to be better connected with themselves and stay safe. These will soon be available on our website.

Furthermore, a video presenting scenarios of abuse to increase understanding of this complex issue is currently being created, so continue to watch this space.


  • Based on disability abuse prevention, this project aimed to safeguard the rights of people with disabilities from CALD backgrounds, through an information based platform about abuse and the services available.
  • Workshops covered topics such as types of abuse, how to recognise abuse, and what supports are available.
  • A range of environmentally friendly pens and keep cups were created to generate community interest, conversation and awareness about abuse.
  • Information booklets regarding abuse were developed and are available in many different languages here


For more information about our Safeguarding from Abuse project, please contact ADEC’s Capacity Building team on 9480 7000 (Option 3) or email

English Version

Safeguarding Website English Brochure 01
Safeguarding Website English Flyer 01

Arabic Version

Safeguarding Website Arabic Brochure 01
Safeguarding Website Arabic Flyer 01

Greek Version

Safeguarding Website Greek Brochure
Safeguarding Website Greek Flyer 01 01

Italian Version

Safeguarding Website Italian Brochure 01
Safeguarding Website Italian Flyer 01

Japanese Version

Safeguarding Website Japanese Brochure 01
Safeguarding Website Japanese Flyer 01

Karen Version

Safeguarding Website Karen Brochure 01
Safeguarding Website Karen Flyer 01

Simplified Chinese Version

Safeguarding Website SimplifiedChinese Booklet 01
Safeguarding Website SimplifiedChinese Flyer 01

Traditional Chinese Version

Safeguarding Website TraditionalChinese Booklet 01
Safeguarding Website TraditionalChinese Flyer 01

Turkish Version

Safeguarding Website Turkish Brochure 01
Safeguarding Website Turkish Flyer 01

Vietnamese Version

Safeguarding Website Vietnamese Brochure 01
Safeguarding Website Vietnamese Flyer 01