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Access and Support


Access and Support services provide short term support for frail older people, younger people with a disability (not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS), and their carers, who need help to stay living at home and who;

  • Have diverse needs or circumstances
  • Need help to understand the range of support services that may be available
  • No fees are charged for Access and Support services.

The Access and Support worker can talk with you about the range of support services that may be available to you and how to access them. We will communicate to you in your own language!

The Access and Support worker can work in partnership with other people who support you such as family members, friends, your community, your doctor and other health professionals.

An Access and Support worker can help you to

  • Understand how services work
  • Find out what services may be available
  • Understand the steps involved to apply for a service
  • Contact my aged care for aged care services (if you are an older person)
  • Contact an assessment service for HACC – program for younger people services (if you are a younger person)
  • Contact the national disability insurance scheme (if you think that you may be eligible for this service)
  • Think about any questions you have for the assessment process
  • Think about how you would like the service to be provided
  • Need help to access services.

Clients can contact ADEC themselves or be referred through ADEC Intake. You can contact ADEC Intake by calling 03 9480 7000 requesting to speak with the Access and Support Team Leader, fill the form below or email Our intake workers and Access and Support team are able to contact clients through an interpreter service.

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